The CBTS March 2022 UPDATE

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

The CBTS Board continues to meet when possible, mainly concerning ways to remember the St. Philip’s 1894 Heritage Church. We had been making plans for a moose dinner in 2018 & 2019, to bring everyone up to date. However a deep freezer (where the donated moose had been stored) malfunctioned. By the time this was discovered, the meat had gone bad and it had to be thrown out (along with the freezer). Before we could obtain more moose, Covid-19 struck and put a halt to further dinner plans.

We have been proceeding with plans about making storyboard(s), to remember the old church: text, photos, QR access code, etc. We hope to have news on that matter relatively soon. We now have a QR code, so that access to the website and other details can be easier.

In 2021 our website was hacked. It was down for a short while. Not sure who would want to do this. We managed, through our volunteer tech person, to get most of The CBTS website details and information back. It is now up and running again.

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